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Presenting the following excerpts, KNOTEN WEIMAR GmbH would like to give you some insights into its business areas.

Information centre for recycling options for biopolymer products

The amount of biobased polymers and the number of various products made of them is ever increasing. With regard to a sustainable circular economy, questions on the end of the products’ useful lives have to be answered sufficiently. The Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV) currently supports, through its project executing organization, the German Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR), the establishing of an information centre at KNOTEN WEIMAR GmbH that is concerned with questions on the recycling of products made of biobased polymers. The activities of the information centre are integrated into the activities of the FNR’s biopolymer network.

Here, an information flyer is available as download.

Long-distance Master programme "Environmental Engineering and Management"

Until July 2015 the KNOTEN WEIMAR GmbH was commissioned by the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar for the organisation and administration of the international long-distance study programme "Environmental Engineering and Management".
The KNOTEN WEIMAR GmbH supervised this study programme over seven years.
It is an english long-distance study programme, completed by a Master or a Certificate degree of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.

Training for government employees and scientists from Bangladesh

In June and November 2012 two trainings of several days' duration including an expert field trip took place for Bangladeshi agricultural scientists and employees of the ministry of agriculture, focusing on the recycling of organic wastes from urban areas. The field trip took the participants to, among others, the site of the German recycling company B & R Bioverwertung & Recycling GmbH, a subsidiary of the municipal energy supplier Stadtwerke Erfurt Gruppe.

Limited resources – Evaluation needed

Limited resources, but also the wish for a clean environment, inevitably lead to the question of where to invest the available resources in the most sensible way. In order to offer a basis for such decisions, the PhD thesis „Efficiency analysis of landfill concepts for low and middle-income countries“ by Dr. Gunnar Hädrich realises a programme for decision support. This programme makes it possible to represent the emissions of municipal solid waste, to design different landfill concepts and to illustrate the influence of each barrier on the emissions

Supplemental study programme "Aqua" of the Otto Benecke Stiftung e.V.

From April 2012 to May 2013, the further education programme "Supplemental Studies in Engineering" was available for the 12th time. This further education action was funded by the German foundation Otto Benecke Stiftung e.V. (OBS). This course addresses academics of engineering (architects, civil engineers and landscape architects) and is supposed to help the participants with their successful career start in Germany.

Recycling of products made of biobased plastics

In the context of a project funded by the German Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR e.V.) with means of the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV), KNOTEN WEIMAR GmbH determined if and where there is a need for action concerning the integration or concretisation of sustainable recycling strategies for products and wastes made of biobased plastics. Material-related and organisational aspects as well as legal conditions played a major role in this. Biobased, biologically degradable and non-degradable polymer products were analysed. The challenge was to give prospects on future requirements for the collection, sorting and recycling of waste made of biobased polymers in order to early on create a technical, organisational and legal framework for a well-arranged waste manangement for these kinds of plastics. Contributions from actors from the waste management industry, from government agencies and, of course, from the manufacturers of these products in terms of product stewardship are required. In the context of this project, KNOTEN WEIMAR GmbH cooperated with the institute of Lightweight Structures and Polymer Technology of Chemnitz University of Technology and the German law firm AWKD Werner & Kollegen.

Feasibility study for a new civic amenity site in the city of Erfurt

Assigned by SWE Stadtwirtschaft GmbH, a subsidiary of municipal energy supplier Stadtwerke Erfurt Gruppe, KNOTEN WEIMAR GmbH conducted a feasibility study for a new civic amenity site in Erfurt. The study analysed, among others, different ways of delivering the recycable wastes and of the traffic routing on site and outside the facilities.

Sanitary and wastewater concept for Fofeldea

The domestic water on the project site in Transylvania, Rumania, is currently draining away untreated or is lead into streams through open ditches. Between 2008 and 2010 pilot plants in two villages have been exemplarily furnished with modern dry toilets that are free of odours, chemicals, water and wastewater. This project, which is funded by the German federal foundation for environment DBU, improves the water quality by treating the greywater in constructed wetlands on each parcel of land.

Test method to certify biologically degradable materials

As a subcontractor of the (former) department of Waste Management of Bauhau-Universität Weimar, KNOTEN WEIMAR GmbH analysed existing digestion plants in order to develop a test method for digesting biologically degradable materials. This project was funded by the German Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR e.V.) with means of the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV).

Development of environmental regulations for the Cambodian ministry of environment

As a contractor in the EU-funded project "Capacity Building and Policy Reinforcement in Cambodia in the field of Waste Management", KNOTEN WEIMAR GmbH contributed to the development of regulations for the Cambodian Ministry of Environment and to the further training of employees of, among others, the ministry of environment, local environment agencies and waste disposal companies. KNOTEN WEIMAR GmbH was responsible for the focal points of "Hazardous waste/Medical waste" and "Sustainable financing". The Thuringian Ministry of Agriculture, Forests, Environment, and Nature protection, among others, assumed an advisory role within the team.

Internationale conference ORBIT2006 „Biological Waste Management – From Local to Global“

The international conference ORBIT (Organic and Biological Treatment) takes place every two years at changing locations. All ORBIT conferences have in common that they are concerned with the utilisation of organic substances. In 2006 the focus of the conference was, in the context of the utilisation of organic substances, on topics like renewable energies, anaerobic technologies and climate change, which stood equally beside the usual topics. ORBIT2006 was organised by KNOTEN WEIMAR GmbH.